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Joel York

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Tweet Me! SaaS branding has some unique challenges that aren’t covered in the average MBA program. As a new communication channel, the Internet has altered the rules of branding for almost every category of product. However, cloud brands that owe their very existence to the Internet often find that the message, the medium and the merchandise are a confusing tangle of clicks, words, sounds, images and experiences that is difficult to describe. I’m not going to re-hash branding 101, there are plenty resources available for that. I’m also not going to provide a fool proof recipe for creating killer cloud brands. Anyone who says they have that is lying. What I will do is provide some SaaS branding food for thought by exploring 6 key questions you need to ask before committing to your SaaS branding strategy. Because once you commit, it’s not easy to change. All brands, no... (more)

B2B Startup Marketing: Blog Your Way to Leads

B2B startup marketing is tough. It used to be that you could polish off a high level message and a slide deck and let the salesperson handle it from there. Today, online marketing is the primary driver of revenue at the typical B2B startup. The new breed of B2B buyer expects your online content to be engaging, valuable and deep, and is unlikely to engage your salesperson if you don’t deliver. However, B2B content can be excruciatingly difficult to produce. It’s technical, complex, dry and requires deep subject matter expertise to be truly valuable. Plus, it usually must be done o... (more)

SaaS Sales Management Tips – Organization Strategy

The essence of the software-as-a-service sales model is volume and speed. It is a reflection of the larger SaaS business model that assumes large economies-of-scale and low subscription-based pricing. The result is that the SaaS sales operation needs to be managed as a tightly integrated service delivery system, like an airline or a luxury hotel, with each functional group working in tandem to deliver a coherent customer experience. It requires a motivated sales team on the front line that is backed by a strong process infrastructure and a service-oriented culture, as contrasted ... (more)

Startup Business Musings – One Hat is Not Enough

The aspiration of most technology startups is to grow from virtually nothing to a billion dollar company. But, if you examine the typical billion dollar company you find something that looks very much like a factory. People are divided up into divisions, departments and job descriptions. And, crossing these boundaries are well defined processes and support systems that sew up the pieces into a business value chain that drives revenue. Lot’s of round pegs and round holes for them to fit into that in the best companies provide a vehicle for talented individuals to drive superior or... (more)

Social Sales | Ten Social Sales Leadership Tips

Sales professionals are some of the earliest adopters and most annoying users of social networking. The problem is that most sales reps treat LinkedIn like a prospecting database for cold calling. It’s just too enticing when all your target prospects are out there showing off their company names, titles, areas of expertise, blogs, and opinions. You can use LinkedIn as a prospecting database, but it is probably the weakest and most professionally irritating use of the technology. To succeed at social sales, you must have something to offer beyond your product. You must be someone ... (more)